Xiaomi Mi 11 with Gorilla Victus, but no charger in the box

Xiaomi Mi 11

Mi 11 will be officially unveiled on December 28

Xiaomi Mi 11 will be officially unveiled on December 28, but details about this phone continue to come even before its launch, both officially and unofficially. We already know that this will be the first smartphone in the world equipped with a Snapdragon 888 chipset from Qualcomm, and now we also know that it will be the second model on the market that will use Corning Gorilla Glass Victus glass. What this model will not have, however, will be a charger in the package, Xiaomi being the first company to follow Apple’s example.

We already know what Xiaomi Mi 11 will look like from all kinds of official and less official photos.We have already seen that it will have an unconventional camera module in design, with two larger rooms and one smaller.However, one detail that we can’t easily see in photos is that this model uses a new generation bottle to protect the screen.

Xiaomi confirmed this in a promotional clip showing how resistant the phone is to bumps and scratches, mentioning the name Gorilla Glass Victus directly.The only other phone in 2020 that used this bottle was Samsung’s Galaxy Note20 Ultra.IPhone 12 models are also supposed to use a variant of Corning’s Gorilla Victus, but with a modified formula specifically for Apple devices.

As for the accessories in the Xiaomi Mi 11 package, the news is not exactly positive for those who were not pleased with Apple’s decision a few months ago.Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has confirmed that the company’s new flagship will come in a much thinner box that won’t fit an outlet adapter.Like Apple, it cited environmental protection as the reason for the same decision.

Like Samsung, which is expected to deliver the Galaxy S21 series without a charger in the package, Xiaomi rushed around the launch of the iPhone 12 to post messages criticizing Apple’s decision on social media.Unlike Samsung, however, Xiaomi did not delete them from their social media accounts: