Windows 10 KB4535996 is slower to boot – Solved – Here is the FIX

Windows 10 KB4535996 is slower to boot – Solved – Here is the FIX

March 6, 2020 0 By penisoara

Windows 10 KB4535996 problem FIX

Update: New reports of serious problems have emerged about the update to Windows 10 KB4535996.

Many users are having a problem, as Windows Latest reports, where Windows 10 shows a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error on the login screen. It has also triggered crashing of multiple PCs. This is in response to the problems which we discuss in the original news article below. Microsoft still has to comment publicly on those topics.

win 10 blue screen

Microsoft launched Windows 10 KB4535996 back in February 2020, and it was an optional upgrade designed to fix multiple issues a previous version had broken, including issues with the Windows 10 search tool.

Problems reported

Some of the most reported issues is that when the update is applied, the Sign Tool software crashes.

Another very irritating problem seems to be PCs booting more slowly after downloading the update (or finding errors when they start up).

When having the PC slower to load is very frustrating, the PC may get stuck in a boot process in some extreme situations, where Windows 10 fails to load, and the PC restarts, and then struggle to load Windows again.

Pc users have reported on Reddit that even the update has produced lower frame rates and stuttering in games. One consumer is recording a 10fps drop which is quite significant. Though not as stressful as the reported boot problems, this is still troubling for many people.

How to solve the problem

The best way to fix the problems that the update has created is to uninstall the version if you have it activated. Settings tab app (cog icon in the Start menu, or hold Windows + I on the keyboard), then click ‘ Update & Security ‘ button.

From the panel that opens, click on the left-hand toolbar ‘ Windows Update, ‘ then ‘ Display history of updates. ‘ Click ‘ Uninstall Updates ‘ and choose to uninstall KB4535996. Now the issues need to be SOLVED.

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