Twitter is Releasing a Feature called “Fleets” Stories

Twitter is Releasing a Feature called “Fleets” Stories

March 5, 2020 Off By penisoara

Twitter Fleets

The internet is attractive to a lot of stuff like sharing pictures, keeping in touch with distant friendships and remembering the silly thing you did five years ago so it can come to haunt you later.

That last part could keep people from posting on twitter as often as they want, according to Twitter, so it’s testing a feature in Brazil named Fleets. Fleets are practically a version of Snapchat Stories .

Actually Twitter has been focusing on Fleets for over a year, but it’s mysterious why it took so long — many of what we’ve seen is similar to Stories. When a person has posted a new Fleet, the app displays user icons upon. You can open them for viewing and sharing emoji responses from the Fleets UI. You can also react in text, which creates a  DM. Here, too, is the main attraction of Stories: after 24 hours, all of your fleets disappear.

For Stories and similar designs there isn’t much middle ground. Whether you prefer the more relaxed and open aspect of self-destructive posts, or you hate the brief online social media approach. There are enough users on Instagram and Facebook using Stories that at least Fleets have a chance to become a popular feature.

In regard to the test in Brazil, the fleets are currently being reviewed internally among staff. And last week, Twitter brought in Chroma Labs, a seven-person company founded by former employees of Facebook and Instagram to create an ephemeral story-making platform.

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