Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 release date despite the ongoing pandemic – Yes

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Our biggest worry for the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is in August at some point, as two official sources say that Samsung is planning that month-and is finally in a position to launch then, given the ongoing pandemic.
The timing definitely gives the Z Flip time to breathe without any pressure, as we would expect it to be close to the end of the year. It’s timing which would possibly also see it released alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

That same source is claiming the price of the phone will be similar to the original. – that’s $1,980 / £1,900 / AU$2,900.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leaks


Even though early Galaxy Fold 2 leaks all found out to be of the Galaxy Z Flip, a number of more recent leaks have emerged as well.
We’ve seen the three alternative designs for further example, and one is a clamshell design (probably the Z Flip), even if the other two are similar to the current model.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Meanwhile another patent speaks about a folding mobile that works with a stylus that could give a future Fold closer to the range of Samsung’s Galaxy Notes. If you were to release the foldable device alongside the Galaxy Note smartphones, it would make much sense.
To get the most out of the large screen, shipping with a stylus might make sense, and this patent clearly describes a stylus that can also operate on the bent portion of the device when the phone is half folded.

We’ve heard that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could have a 108MP main camera and a 5x optical zoom lens, and we’ve already heard the more plausible report that it’s going to have a super-wide angle lens 12MP main lens and 12MP sensor.
Samsung Galaxy fold 2
Having said that, the most recent leak suggests to only use a punch-hole, as technology in-display is not ready. The source of this leak also released several other screen specifications, saying the main screen would be a 7.59-inch 2213 x 1689 with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

One potential battery improvement is in the charging speed of the device, as code found in official Samsung technology points to it supplying fast charging between 25W and 45W somewhere while the original Galaxy Fold is only 15W. It’s likely that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will arrive in both 4 G and 5 G models, according to the handset’s reported code-names, but it stays to be seen if either is region-exclusive as with the original Galaxy Fold.

There are ways that devices can develop but the Galaxy Fold is truer than most high-end new devices. Impressive as it somehow is, in others it is somewhat lacking. Keeping that in mind, here is what we are looking for the future Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

We want the Galaxy Fold 2 to have at least less bezel and be somewhat bigger but by developing the phone to have the main screen at the outside (so that the home screen folds down to half the size but is still visible), Samsung wouldn’t have to consider putting an extra display in at all. This might however make the Fold 2 more unstable.

One problem with the Galaxy Fold is that there’s always a visible crease down the centre. You’ll get over it, but we don’t want just have to get used to stuff or make sacrifices on this expensive device, so for the Galaxy Fold 2 we’re hoping Samsung will do a reasonable job of minimizing the crease once the screen is open.

And we’d like to see Samsung squeeze an even better battery into it for the Galaxy Fold 2, taking the most of the huge size for a very long life.