How to use Zoom for home learning on your mobile device

How to use Zoom for home learning on your mobile device

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The app’s mobile interface on iPhone, iPad, and Android provides a streamlined version of the online Zoom interface, and the key tabs are located at the bottom: Meet & Speak, Meetings, Contacts, and Setup. (Due to limited space the configuration is slightly different)

1. “Meet & Talk” adds the “Home” and “Chat” tabs to the screen. At the top you can find the key options: New Meeting, Join, Schedule and Sharing Screen. Below you can see the recent history of the call and chat, as well as any pending contact requests.

How to use zoom

2. “Meetings” displays a line-up of events to come. Also at the top of the list, you can start a call, submit an invitation or update a current event. Tap on one of these options to start and follow the prompts given. Your “Personal Meeting ID” is your special code for beginning a meeting in person. Tap on an upcoming meeting to show the information or fully delete it. Tap on a group and you’ll also note the option to attach invitations and send updates via email or text message to those friends.

How to use zoom

3. “Contacts” looks very similar to the desktop edition and lists your favourites in your company registry, as well as some others. Scan up the top of the screen for contacts. To display a pop-up menu, tap the plus icon in the top-right corner to add a contact, create a new channel or enter a public one. You can toggle from top to top through contacts and channels.


4. Finally, click “Settings” to make any changes to your profile. Meetings, Contacts, Chat and General organize your Zoom features. You can incorporate Siri Shortcuts, too. Tap your picture at the top of the screen to make adjustments to your account, where you can change your profile picture, show the name or change your password. You can sign out of the Zoom app here too.

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