How to Test the Microphone on Your Windows PC or Laptop

microphone test

How to test microphone

It must be plugged into the pink jack on your PC for a test microphone to function on your computer, unless it is a USB microphone which directly plugs into USB port.

Check the device after you plug the test microphone into it. Depending on the Windows edition the test works differently.

To check the Windows 10 and Windows 7  test microphone, take these steps to:

  1. Make sure the microphone is connected properly.
  2. Open Control Panel, and pick Access Ease.
  3. Choose the Set Up Microphone connection, located under the heading for Speech Recognition.
  4. Select kind of of microphone that you are using: the headset, the cheap-o laptop microphone or the mic that the guy at the video store was going to sell you.
  5. Click Next, and etc.You finally enter the Set the Microphone Volume display after seeing a few pointless screens.
  6. Now Speak away. Look out for the green bar! Generally, you check that the microphone is working by looking at the visual feedback.
  7. Continue to work through the wizard or simply press Cancel.You can bail out on the wizard if you’re happy with the results. Otherwise continue to press Next and you will finally arrive at the Finish button.

You may not configure your computer to use the specific microphone jack on which your  test microphone is plugged in. Using it to enable the audio jacks to allow microphone input when your PC came with different audio applications.