How to instal Google Play on Huawei Phones

Google Play on Huawei

Instal Google Play on Huawei Given that we have on hand one of the most powerful phones on the market, with a downside that we all know, we “put a tab” in the software chapter and instal Google Play on Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

It’s a bit of a hassle, but it works, and for more than 48 hours it doesn’t give any error and allows the use of any application in the Google store, as a phone that comes with these services would do, for example. preinstalled. We will detail in the material below all our adventure and why we resorted to such solutions, and even the link to the backup file we used.

CAREFUL! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SECURITY OF YOUR PHONE! The backup file we used comes from an unreleased Huawei Mate 30 Pro, which had Google Play services on it at the time. It has no viruses, but we are not security experts and we do not know if it has other shortcomings.

What do you need to instal Google Play on Huawei

A USB-C OTG stick, ie on the go that you can connect to a phone. Theoretically, all USB-C sticks support OTG transfer. If you do not have a USB-C stick, then one on a normal USB and an adapter from the mother USB to the USB-C father will be needed. It does not work to copy the backup file directly to the phone because it must be on a separate drive, completely unzipped, with the file structure in sight. Google Play on Huawei

Next, you need a little patience. and follow the steps below.

Unzip the downloaded file here: DOWNLOAD HUAWEI MATE 30 PRO BACKUP

Decryption key : Qmw5V4uXhTAmbEFVciZhtoEDZN7w2JEyx__7cFcyayE

  • Copy all files directly to the root of the unstacked USB stick.
  • Connect the stick to the phone and open in Settings,
  • Backup & Restore. They’ll recognize your January backup, and restore it.

Wait a while to finish the operation, then open the big G icon on the phone. You will see it as an application. Then press the Home button on the phone and leave the application in the background.

Go with the file browser on the USB stick, in the GMS directory, then Google APKS, and install in order all from there. For some you will receive an error, for the first error you will restart the phone and then you will have Google Play and all the necessary services. Boom!