How to Check if my Android Phone Is Rooted

How to Check if my Android Phone Is Rooted

February 20, 2020 1 By penisoara

Android Rooting

Whether you’ve purchased an allegedly rooted phone or want to double-check if your rooting method has been a success, it’s useful to have a root-checking device. Just boot it up, and search your phone to see if it’s rooted properly.

The app named Root Checker Basic is one of the best products to do this, which instantly lets you know if your device has root. Here’s how to get and use Root Checker Online, as well as what it does to upgrade to Premium Version Android Root

How to Use Root Checker Basic

Download it from the Play store store to use the app and then start it up. You will see a disclaimer pop up telling you to get permission to do their job.

Root Checker Disclaimer

Once you have granted the app its permissions and passed the short tutorial, you will get to the main page. From here it is as simple as clicking on the main screen to “Verify Root.” Android Root Now, the app will tell you if you’re lost.

Root Checker Verify

But, to stop there could be glossing over the other features that this app has. For example, if you read down after the initial scan, you will see statistics of how difficult it is to root your phone model.


If you ever go to “Root Basics,” you’ll find some useful tips on why people are rooting their phones and how they do it. This is especially useful if you’ve purchased a second-hand phone and found it’s rooted without understanding what that requires!

The “Advanced Root Checker” option unlocks the profiles of the root account and the superuser app. This will give you a better more insight into your phone and goes beyond just asking you if your device is rooted. It also provides you more info about why every phone is classified as it is on the Rankings tab.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

If you’re hacking your phone, or you’ve purchased one that’s already rooted, you might want to check if it all works properly. Root Checker Basic helps you to quickly and easily check if your mobile is rooted. If that doesn’t satisfy your needs, then you can grab the paid version and get more details!

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