Google Pay Android-How to get it to Phone-Send or Request Money

Google Pay Android-How to get it to Phone-Send or Request Money

March 11, 2020 Off By penisoara

Google Pay is a virtual wallet linked to your Android phone. Of course if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy phone, consider then Samsung Pay.

Trying to replace Android Pay and Google Wallet in 2018, Google Pay works without giving the actual card details to restaurants and shops. Basically, your payment card information is stored safely on Google servers and Google Pay use a key called a virtual card number as a stand-in rather than transmitting your card’s details.

To get you began, I’m going to walk you around setting up Google Pay and how to do it online, in restaurants and in shops. Additionally, I’ll demonstrate you how to do it with your Gmail and add loyalty subscriptions, bus passes and coupons. View the video at the top of this post, if you want to follow step by step.

Set up Google Pay

The first thing you need to do is get the Google Pay app.

1. Download the app from the Google Play Store to install it.

2. Open the Google Pay app, and tap the Get Started button.

3. Next, tap the Connect to Gmail button. A window will pop up asking for your permission to give Google Pay access to your device’s location.

4. Google Pay wants to understand where you are, so it can alert you when you’re in a spot that recognizes Google Pay or uses your loyalty cards. To use the position feature, tap the blue-lettered Switch On button of the screen.

5. Across the bottom of the Google Pay app are four tabs: Home, Payment, Passes and Send. Go to the Payment tab, and then tap on the Add Payment Method button.

google pay android

You can start onto the Home tab, too. Go to the segment Pay With Your Phone in Shops and press the Set It Up icon in blue. If you have a credit card with your Google account (perhaps for the Google Play store or some other Google service) it will choose to connect the credit or debit card to your device’s Google Pay app. Totally creepy, but helpful to most.

6. You have also the option of adding a new credit card to your account. To do this, press Add a New Card and keep your card in the window of the camera that will pop up. After the camera sees the information about your card, verify the expiry date and CVC number of your card.

7. Once you do, hit the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Read the Terms of Service, and tap the Accept & Continue button at the bottom.

8. The bank will then check the account, and you will receive a message saying your lock screen will be used for Google Pay. Click the Blue Got It icon at the bottom, once you recognize that.

9. You will then find yourself on the computer Check Your Ticket. Choose where the confirmation number you want to obtain is. You can get it sent instead to your phone or email number depends on your address. Click the Continue button, once you have chosen. Type it into the area on the Verification Number screen when you obtain the number, and press the Submit button.

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