Facebook Quiet Mode mobile option 1 – How to turn ON and OFF

Facebook Quiet Mode mobile option 1 – How to turn ON and OFF

April 10, 2020 Off By penisoara

Facebook Quiet Mode ON/OFF

On Thursday, Facebook revealed a-new “quiet mode” for its main smartphone app that will stop “most” push notifications and alert you when you try to open the app on your mobile while the feature is still active, it’s switched on.

It’s not clear which alerts will be omitted from the new mode; the group says others are legally necessary to send out, such as privacy updates. Furthermore, this new mode should not be compared with the current setting of “mute push notifications,” which allows you to avoid push notifications for a given period of time, but not those inside the device.

However, this latest Facebook Quiet Mode can be found under the Facebook dashboard “Your Time on Facebook,” which it launched back in November 2018, following a drive for mobile platforms and smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Google to support digital wellness devices.

Quiet Mode

If you choose the latest Facebook Quiet Mode will operate both manually and on a fixed schedule. It will interrupt alerts from inside the device, such as those irritating Facebook Watch badges, even on a device level, so you won’t see sequentially numbered badges on iOS either.

In regards to Facebook Quiet Mode, says their notification settings and News Feed preferences panel have been introduced with new shortcuts, so “you can make the most of your time on Facebook by adjusting the type of content you see in your Facebook feed as well as the notifications you get.”

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