EA and Adidas will launch new Jacquard products in collaboration with Google

Jacquard products

Google is collaborating with Adidas and Electronic Arts to get smart clothes released. Whether it’s a single piece or a part of a whole line, the product is supposed to be a Google Jacquard design with sensor material and connectivity.

The ATAP community from Google, the FIFA Mobile brand from EA Sports and the Football team from Adidas have all begun to reveal their future partnership on Twitter. We also posted a short GIF displaying the logos of Adidas FIFA Mobile, and Jacquard, a “Play Connected” tagline, and the 10 March date.

Apparently, the three organizations will share more information on their latest partnership next month.
Jacquard is part of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects team, or ATAP, which started in 2015. They released a $995 Yves Saint Laurent Cit-e backpack last year with a smart strap allowed to touch. There is also an integrated cuffed Levi-Jacquard denim jacket.

The point of these pieces is to let us use outwear to manage their devices through a tap or a fabric gesture. Here’s an example:

Source: twitter.com