Coronavirus Malware has Also Arrived in the Online Environment

Coronavirus Malware has Also Arrived in the Online Environment

February 19, 2020 2 By penisoara

Coronavirus malware is spreading in the online environment

While the number of people affected by the coronavirus is increasing every day, it’s yet another form of virus that worries analysts elsewhere.

According to the same report by cybersecurity technology company Check Point, Coronavirus malware is spreading fast.

Many thematically linked spam activities to the global epidemic have appeared since the coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China, according to the January 2020 Global Threat Report by Check Point.

Coronavirus malware

Coronavirus malware

Check Point stated a related variety of new websites registered with virus-related domain names over the months of January and February.

Vaccinecovid.-19\.com is one example listed in Russia since 11 Feb. It aims to offer a coronavirus test and to post news articles and heat maps of the spread of the disease.
Do not visit vaccinecovid-19\.com if you want to avoid malware.

However look out for it’s not only the domain names. As said by Check Point, the most popular campaign on coronavirus attacked Japan via e-mail and distributed by Emotet,a Trojan type of malware that is at the top of Check Point’s list.

In this case, Emotet operates by pretending as a service provider for disability support, announcing where the coronavirus infection is growing in Japan and directing recipients to a malicious encrypted file that will download malware if opened.

The global crisis is serious without web malware involved,so be safe out there.

If you find a website that is suspicious of the same malware, leave a comment below, and share this article.

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