Call of Duty: Steel Legion Will be Released in April, New Modes


Call of Duty: Steel Legion

is on its way to mobile season 4 and will give a new ranked season and a new Combat Pass. The upgrade will be published at the beginning of April and Activision says daily news and updates will be shared on its social media platforms. Steel Legion comes with new game modes and a new feature of Battle mode for battle royale. The latest map, Meltdown, has also recently gone live and the patch to the Steel Legion will also bring some enhancements and updates to it.

The new rated season will include weapons and supplies on the topic of Industrial Revolution. It will offer an awesome weapon called Man-o-War and a warrior named Ruin. Steel Legion also makes several improvements to the listed mode and enhances the effects of art and particles in the Ranked Match category.

Call of Duty: Steel Legion

For multiplayer, the score-earning standards based on player results were changed. The Scrapyard map was replaced with Meltdown for a temporary period. The quote says the penalty for losing a rated match has also been reduced.

The Meltdown map, initially from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, has just been added to Call of Duty: Steel Legion. It is an industrial graph of medium scale, with different levels that make the game more interesting. With the patch to the Steel Legion, Meltdown is accessible in the game modes Search and Kill, DOM, Team Death Match, Snipers Only, Gun Game: Team Battle, Gun Game, and Free For All.

Some additional adjustments and improvements in season 4 include increased round time for short time mode Prop Hunt that goes from three to two rounds. Improved arm control, and optimized sliding and jumping action. Read the Reddit post, which also lists the events looking to run or coming very soon in CoD Mobile, to get a full list of the updates.