5 Tips to Save Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

5 Tips to Save Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

March 4, 2020 Off By penisoara

There are quite a range of factors on your Android device which contribute to the short battery life. Thinner bodies, bigger displays, better graphics, more background applications and faster internet access all take their toll on phone battery, which is why battery cases and portable batteries have become increasingly popular.

Turn On Power Saving Mode


Think you’ll be caught in a position where your phone battery has to last longer than it usually does? Switch your phone to power saver mode, which immediately cuts back on battery life-eating functions.
For example there are two choices on the Samsung Galaxy S10. The first limits display intensity, Processing speed and use of the network. The second strips down the mobile to the necessary apps and services only.

Stop Active Tracking

Battery Life

Features such as Bluetooth, NFC, accessibility of Samsung’s handset, and location services are useful but kill your battery when your phone pings to connect and download. If you are looking for juice protection, shut it off until you really need it.
If you have a Samsung phone, you can also switch off the Bixby voice assistant function which comes with Android devices from the company.

Disable auto brightness

Disable auto brightness

Capacitive touch screens look great these days but, unfortunately, they are battery hogs with sharp resolution and bountiful pixels. You may not even need to have your screen turned up to the highest level. Get into your display settings and turn the screen brightness down.

You must also try disabling auto brightness, which changes according to your perceived needs but may also increase your display’s luminosity higher than it needs to be.
You also can shorten the length of time the display stays active Set it to fade to dark after a few seconds, under the settings tab on your screen. So go into the notification settings to remove notifications from specific apps, so every time a new message comes in, the phone will not light up.

Silence Your Phone


A smartphone with notifications frequently beeping and ringing is distracting and a battery drain so switch it off.
Your phone must activate a buzzing internal motor that – you guessed – consume energy. Go into the configurations of sounds and vibration and turn down the level of vibration. You can also disable haptic feedback here so when you type or tap the screen it doesn’t vibrate.

Buy a Portable

Eventually, the easy way to do this is to purchase a battery case or portable battery pack, such as HETP Battery Case ($30 at Amazon). Just remember charging them up before heading out the door.

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